A family

The Croce-Spinelli family continue a familial tradition of three generations winemakers. Today, Richard and Hélène Croce-Spinelli with their son Florent and their daughter Mathilde, manage the Château Saint-Esprit estate with passion.

1st generation
2nd generation
3rd generation
4th generation
  • Philippe Pares
    Successful music producer and passionate about wine, Philippe, in the early 50’s, purchased a winery in Provence. As the precursor to three generations of passionate winemakers in the Croce-Spinelli family, he also initiated a great interest for Arts and Culture highly represented in the various events organised today at Château Saint-Esprit.
  • Gisèle & Daniel Crocé-Spinelli
    After traveling around the world and various commercial and farming experiences, Daniel and Giselle came back to Provence in 1955. Daniel took over and developed the family winery focusing on fine wine production. They also developed the vineyard and purchased a 25 hectare property with a unique Terroir near Draguignan, the Château Saint-Esprit. Thanks to its exceptional Terroir, the Château Saint-Esprit vineyard revels since, the quintessence of the Croce-Spinelli family wines.
  • Richard Crocé-Spinelli & Hélène Crocé-Spinelli
    Richard Crocé-Spinelli – Director and Head Winemaker
    Richard grew up with the same family passion for wine. After he graduated Oenology (DNO) at the University of Montpellier, he naturally went to work in the family winery with his father. After 10 vintages working together learning the intergenerational knowledge, Richard took over operations and became Head Winemaker. He has since made prestigious wines with, furthermore to the family know how, an eye for innovation which characterise his will of offering exceptional wines. With a winemaking vision which encompasses the great attention to the work done in the vineyard and his 30 vintages experience, Richard reveals, in his wines, the exceptional potential of Château Saint-Esprit Terroir.

    Hélène Crocé-Spinelli – Events Manager
    Since 2012, following Hélène’s vision, the Croce-Spinelli family have developed touristic facilities at the property. Academic in profession, Helene plans and coordinates the touristic activities at Château Saint-Esprit – placing importance to Arts and Culture. She manages the Oenotourism, organising various events and receptions always with the will of sharing our idyllic domain with you.
  • Florent Crocé-Spinelli & Mathilde Crocé-Spinelli
    Florent Crocé-Spinelli – Sales and Marketing Manager
    Passionate about wine, after extensive experiences in the wine industry overseas, learning further skills and knowledge, his love for the Provencal Terroir and for his family ancestral vineyard pushed him to come back home. Thus, after working in Australia and South America for reputable wine groups, Florent is now responsible for commercial development at Château Saint-Esprit.

    Mathilde Crocé-Spinelli – Brand Ambassador
    With the same family passion for wine, Mathilde represents the next generation of the Croce-Spinelli family and of Château Saint-Esprit wines. With great complicity to her father, who taught her the basic wine making knowledge, pushes her to follow his way. Thus, Mathilde follows the same direction cumulating academic and professional experiences in the wine industry.
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Vine growing and vinification

Vine growing and respect of the soil
Wine making and elevage
  • Vine growing and respect of the soil
    The Château Saint-Esprit Terroir is a pearl to be polished every day. In order to enhance its greatest expression in the wine, Richard Croce-Spinelli respects his soil by using zero chemical fertilisers nor pesticides thus preserving its microorganism. The choice of the grape varietals is essential in the quality and identity of a wine. Following the same philosophy of enhancing the terroir expression of its identity, Château Saint-Esprit vineyard has great Provencal influence within the main varietals represented. Thus, there is in our vineyard some Grenache, Cinsault, Mourvedre, Syrah and Rolle, with also a parcel of Cabernet-Sauvignon. Of a mature age, with some parcel of more than sixty years old, our vines are treated with respect and praised with all the love they deserve.
  • Wine making and elevage
    The winemaking techniques chosen depend on the style of wine we are looking for, but this remains always at the service of the expression of the Terroir, true wine identity. Richard Croce-Spinelli’s vision for winemaking encompasses a deep commitment to the Terroir and sustainable viticulture. Thus, he preserves and enhances the most typical characters and aromas contained in his grapes. The choice of “elevage” is also made with this philosophy, and only a small proportion of new oak is used in aging our top cellaring wines. This aims to not affect a direct expression of a magnificent Terroir, bringing an extraordinary characteristic and identity to our wines.
  • Blending
    Blending is an essential process of the quality and the wine identity. Adopting the same philosophy to preserve the Terroir expression, the blends in Château Saint-Esprit wines express, in chosen proportion, the great Provencal character of our vineyard.