With an exceptional Terroir and over two thousand years old history, the Château Saint-Esprit vineyard is unique. The twenty-five hectare property shows real Provencal identity, with five of its main grape varietals planted: Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre and Rolle with an additional block of Cabernet-Sauvignon.


In the heart of Provence, near two of the five Roman main routes – the Via Aurelia joining Italy to Spain, and the Via Julia Augusta reaching the interior country side; the Château Saint-Esprit is located, since the Antiquity, on an important commercial road in the wine trade. This strategic location and its fantastic Terroir aided the establishment of important wineries in Provence during the Roman golden age. This makes the Provencal vineyard one of the oldest in the world, with traces of vine growing more than 2,500 years old. During the Middle Ages, the Saint-Esprit was also an important stage on the “Compostelle” route.
Thus, the roots of our vines are as old as the vine growing tradition in Provence. Each sip of Château Saint-Esprit wine will transport you in the history – meeting with an ancestral culture.


Château Saint-Esprit Terroir is one of the most unique in Provence, and its respect is our main value in the elaboration of our wines. Looking for its greatest expression reflecting a true identity, Richard Croce-Spinelli and his commitment to the soil means he uses neither chemical fertilisers nor pesticides in his vineyard.
Its deep red soils made of clay and limestone from the secondary period, more precisely from Trias, bring unique geological characteristics to Château Saint-Esprit’s vineyard. The clay, composed of ferruginous elements, enhances a great concentration and a beautiful texture in our wines. The poor limestone part of the soil, the source of the minerality, enhances complexity and finesse.
The geography and the location are also important characteristics in an exceptional Terroir. Located on a small hill of 350 metre elevation, Château Saint-Esprit vineyard has various orientations and sun expositions bringing a specific micro climate, composed of meridional influence coming from the Mediterranean Sea and continental from the high hills of the countryside. Dry and warm during the day and cool at night, it offers ideal ripening conditions for our grapes.
The finesse and the complexity of our wines express with precision this identity and the uniqueness of our Terroir.