The Château Saint-Esprit “Prestige” red is a blend of Syrah, Grenache and Cabernet-Sauvignon.
The Syrah and Grenache grapes come from old vines and enhance some dark fruits and coffee bean aromas and balance in harmony the structure and the intensity provided by the Cabernet-Sauvignon.
Syrah and Grenache are processed together, while the Cabernet separately at the end of the harvest. Fermentation occurs for three to four weeks on skin permitting a gentle extraction which aims at obtaining fine and delicate tannins. Then, the wine is aged for 12 to 14 months in French barriques.
At degustation, it shows a great deep garnet colour and an elegant nose with some dark fruits notes as well as floral characters such as violet and liquorice.
The palate is ample, well rounded, with affine tannins structure. It shows chocolate notes with a longing finish. It is a powerful and generous wine, expressing itself with delicacy which will age beautifully for 10 to 12 years according to vintages.
Will match perfectly casserole dishes such as a boeuf Bourguignon as well as grilled red meat and aged cheeses.

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The Château Saint-Esprit “Prestige” rosé is a blend of Syrah, Cinsault, Mourvedre and Rolle.
The Syrah enhance red fruit aromas while the Rolle bring some subtle stone fruits aromas.
Grapes are harvested early in the morning to avoid warm temperatures and oxidation. A full destemming is processed before pressing. Fermentation occurs at a low temperature in temperature control stainless tanks which enhance the crispiness and fresh fruits characters.
At degustation, this rosé shows a beautiful pink colour with salmon notes. The nose is delicate and aromatic on fresh red fruits aromas.
The palate is dense, well balanced with a great acidity. It shows some English candy notes, and finishes on small red fruits aromas such as raspberry.
A refine and elegant rosé which will match perfectly your Mediterranean dishes – tajine, bouillabaisse, paella, fish tartare – as well as Asian fusion dishes.

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The Château Saint-Esprit “Prestige” white is made of the main Provence white varietal, the Rolle, which shows stone fruits and citrus notes.
The grapes are harvested in early morning cool temperatures. Then, they are fully destemmed before pressing. Juices are carefully selected. The fermentation occurs half in temperature controlled stainless tanks and half in French barrels. The wine is aged for eight months in French barriques to bring more complexity and texture.
At degustation, it shows a beautiful light gold colour. A very delicate nose with some stone fruits and citrus notes. The palate is well rounded on vanilla and toasty brioche aromas. An elegant and long finish with a crisp acidity.
A beautiful marriage between the textural French oak characters and the fresh fruits aromas, this expressive wine will match beautifully an oven baked Seabass as well as fresh fruit desert or a creamy Tropezian tart.

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Essentiel – Instant pleasure in a bottle

The “Essentiel” cuvee is characterised by its freshness, its crispiness. Vinification and aging in stainless tanks are chosen, in order to preserve and enhance fruity characters.
This cuvee is elaborated with the typical Provencal varietals, with a majority of Grenache for red and rosé and Rolle in the white. These wines are great pleasure wines, designed to be consumed without waiting.

Available in red, rosé and white

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Quintessence – The Ultimate

Since the 2013 vintage, Richard Croce-Spinelli elaborated a new cuvee in very small volumes, with the top best rows of the best blocks of Château Saint-Esprit vineyard. Thus, the “Quintessence” cuvee reflects the most refine characters of our 60 year old vines Mourvedre, Syrah and Cinsault.
This cuvee is elaborated for complexity, elegance and finesse. A perfect balance between strength, texture and aromatic structure. Looking for excellence, the vinification of these wines is long. Thus, the red is aged for 14 months and the rosé for 6 months in our best French barrels. This winemaking approach enhances a complex and delicate aromatic structure and a great texture, rich and savoury, which matches food wonderfully – two delicious gastronomic wines.
They will definitely gain complexity maturing but may prove difficult to cellar, due to their appeal.

Available in red and rosé

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